Jun-Wei Lin, PhD Candidate, Software Engineering, UCI

I am a PhD candidate working with Prof. Sam Malek in the School of Information and Computer Sciences, UC Irvine. I am doing research in mobile test automation and test case management by leveraging program analysis, natural language processing, and machine learning techniques. I am the co-founder of Pycone, a startup offering online Python courses (2700+ students). I am also the lecturer of the online course "Web Crawling with Python" (830+ students). My side projects on GitHub have 430+ stars and 230+ forks.

Email: junwel1 at uci dot edu

Programming Skills

  • Languages: Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, Bash.
  • Web and Mobile App Development: Django, jQuery, Bootstrap, Android
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Robot Framework, Selenium, JMeter.
  • Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing: scikit-learn, gensim, NLTK, jieba

Publications (170+ citations) (Google Scholar / ResearchGate)

Projects (GitHub)


Predicting Best Answers for Questions on Stack Overflow

Term project of CS295 Statistical NLP, Winter 2018. Applied various ML models (e.g., Random Forest and XGBoost) and NLP techniques (e.g., Latent Semantic Indexing) to predict the best answers for questions labeled "Python" on Stack Overflow. Outperformed baseline by 8.5%. (report)

Kaggle Competition: Rainfall Prediction (7/126, top 6%)

Term project of CS273A Machine Learning, Fall 2017. Used ensembles (e.g., Random Forest and XGBoost) and feature engineering (e.g., missing data handling) to predict rainfall by infrared information.

AlphaTrip (Hackathon project)

A prototype using natural language processing and machine learning to categorize attractions near Tokyo and schedule trips. Collaboratively developed and demoed at the Big Data X Maker Hackathon, Taipei. (presentation, press)

PTT Web Crawler (280+ Stars and 150+ forks on GitHub)

A command-line tool to crawl and parse data from PTT, the largest local online community in Taiwan

Bulletin Board for Government Job Opportunities (800+ daily users)

A website parsing and visualizing open data from Taiwan's government

Research Projects


b2g-monkey (Python)

Fully automatic interface crawler and invariant checker for Firefox OS App.
Aug. 2015-Dec. 2015, "Automatic Test Case Generation for HTML5 Apps", Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan.

django-blast (Live site) (Python, Django)

An interactive visualization tool translating texts obtained from sequence similarity searching into sortable and searchable tables and graphs (Collaboratively developed).
May 2014-May 2015, "i5k Workspace@NAL", National Agricultural Library, USDA. (report, paper)

ITRI Cloud Testing Service (Java)

Applied data and behavior mutation to test cases, leveraging computing power provided by ITRI.
Nov. 2013-Feb. 2014, "ITRI Cloud Testing Service", Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan. (report)